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Your Dog Deserves the Best!

Why Feeding Raw Meat and Bones Is So Healthy For Your Pets

  • No artificial ingredients
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for Puppies, Adults & Seniors
  • No cereals, soy or gluten
  • No corn, wheat, rice or grains
  • All red meat from grass fed, free range animals



Species-Appropriate Food That Your Dog Will Love!

  • Our Raw Dog Food is a Canadian made raw dog food that is a 100% natural, species-appropriate, nutritionally sound diet, based on the diet of your dog’s closest relative, the wolf.
  • Our Raw Dog Food is entirely raw and comes in frozen bricks by the case or packaged small for your convenience.
  • Being free of grain, corn, wheat and rice, it contains no soy or gluten.
  • Our Raw red meat is derived from grass fed animals.

Our products provide the correct nutritional balance for healthy dogs of any age. We believe there is no need for puppy food in nature because nature’s wisdom is indisputable. Our food is brought to you in a form that aims to replicate what only nature can provide. Our products are developed to allow your dog, no matter what breed, size or age, to take exactly what it needs nutritionally from its food, when it needs it.

With an All Natural diet we trust nature and bring it to your dog in a form as close to perfection as we can. Nature gets it right. At rawdogfood.ca we try our best to do that too.


Liability Disclaimer

All the feed products prepared and sold by RAWDOGFOOD.CA are not cooked. All the ingredients have come from human food plants inspected by Federal or Provincial agents. The ingredients are either immediately frozen or appropriately chilled and then frozen within 24 hours. All machinery used at our feed kitchen is regularly washed and disinfected. We do our best to ensure that all our feed products are as fresh and free of bacteria as possible. Raw food must be maintained at –20 degrees Celsius prior to use, keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products. RAWDOGFOOD.CA cannot be responsible for the appropriate storage and safe use of raw meat.

**Please note that due to the high volume of sales we cannot currently return cost of food that has been reserved for you. Reserved food must be picked up within the week or deposit is lost. We apologize for any inconvenience**